Urban Colours 
Hair: Sándor Szél ( Figaro Team )
Model: Kitty Krizsán, Bálint Szabó
MUA: Anita Pankotai
Photo: Gábor F. Nagy

I have always been interested in arts. When I was a high school student I used to attend a drawing workgroup. Later on, I painted pictures using oil colours, and tested a few interesting techniques. The basic idea behind my “Colours” collection is an old idea of mine that I am applying for business work as well (of course by using less colours) – why would it impossible to stain the hair just like a painting? I coloured the hair of the model to 13 different colours in a way that the very different colours applied in different shapes should be in a perfect concert. Since it is the colours, rather than the style, that matters for this series, I created a more simple shape.

I usually work with female models for my collection photos. For this series, however, I made a men’s cut, wherein the shape
and peculiar texture of the hair is further emphasised by a staining technique.